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Hotform Blanks

Tailored Blanks for hot forming

Crash safety meets lightweight construction: The hot forming process involves heating the blank, then shaping it with a tool and quenching. This currently achieves strengths of 1500 MPa – a quality that has decisively driven forward the possibilities for lightweight automotive construction. It means parts can be made from thinner materials while still having the same or even improved crash performance.

Using Hotform Blanks makes it possible to weld individual sheets of different thicknesses to each other. Manganese-boron steel can also be combined with other steel grades, for example, with more ductile or lower-cost materials. This guarantees maximum strength and high functionality at minimum weight.

Welding with or without coating

Manganese-boron steels have a surface coating of aluminum and silicon. This AlSi coating is usually removed prior to welding to prevent the formation of brittle intermetallic phases and ferritic areas in the weld seam. Baosteel Tailored Blanks has offered this process as standard since 2007.

As an alternative to this procedure, we can offer our customers the HotWire technology developed by us. The advantage: it is possible to omit the removal of the AlSi coating. Many OEMs have been using this technology since 2015. What was initially only possible for joints of manganese-boron steels and micro-alloyed steels now also applies to joints of manganese-boron steels as well.

Baosteel Tailored Blanks applied for patent in 2019.

Benefits at a glance

Apart from the classic benefits of tailored products, Hotform Blanks offer
  • improved crash performance.
  • extremely high strengths at very low weights.
  • high energy absorption in a crash when combined with ductile steel grades.

Areas of application

Hotform Blanks are ideally suited for parts that protect the passenger compartment. These include structural parts such as

  • A/B pillars
  • Roof frames
  • Side members
  • Tunnel reinforcements
  • Rocker panels
  • Crossmembers
  • Side impact bars
Jörg Maas
Head of Sales | SCM
+49 203 60017-251

Delivery range

  • Manganese-boron steel joints
  • Manganese-boron steel joints with non-hardening microalloyed steel
  • Patchwork solutions
  • Coating: uncoated / +AS150 / +AS80 / +Z
  • Thicknesses: 0.7 – 3 mm

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