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Innovative leadership

We are pioneers in the development of laser-welded products (Tailored Products) and want to remain so. As the market leader, we offer lightweight solutions that meet the increasing demands of our customers. We have developed and brought to market almost all Tailored Products used for car bodies today.

Why we succeed

  • The latest system technology: We continuously invest in the latest system technology. We can rely here on our experienced colleagues from Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH and their solid expertise in engineering. Visit the Baosteel Lasertechnik GmbH website.

  • Intensive research and development work: We have been working together with universities and research institutions for many years, promoting the continuous exchange of scientific knowledge and experience. Learn more about our current innovation projects.

  • Inventiveness of our employees: Our employees are the basis for our success. We rely on their ingenuity and many years of experience.