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Tailored Aluminum Blanks

Lighter than Aluminum

Aluminum makes cars considerably lighter – which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But aluminum is also expensive! That is why we have joined forces with Novelis, the global leader in aluminum rolled products, and developed and put into production Tailored Blanks made of aluminum. For the first time in series, we combine aluminum sheets of different thicknesses and grades with Tailored Aluminum Blanks (TAB®). This saves weight and money, because the targeted use of TAB® lowers the cost of high-priced aluminum material in the vehicle. Many OEMs have already approved this production method.

Benefits at a glance

Apart from the classic benefits of Tailored Products, TAB® offer
  • reduced assembly costs, because it is no longer necessary to apply additional reinforcement blanks on the finished part.
  • low material and cutting costs. Laser welding makes intelligent nesting in cutting dies possible.
  • more safety in case of a crash through the use of high-strength aluminum alloys.

Areas of application

  • Body shop: door inner panels, floor panels, longitudinal/cross members, side skirts
  • Chassis technology: Integral subframe
  • Seating technology: Backrests
Jörg Maas
Head of Sales | SCM
+49 203 60017-251

Delivery range

We manufacture TAB with 5000 and 6000 series alloys, with thicknesses from 0.8 to 5.0 mm and widths from 200 to 2000 mm.

Further information

Benefits of Tailored Blanks

Laser-welded blanks give the car a new lightness.

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Tailored lightweight solutions that reduce the use of materials and thus the total weight of the car.

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Many ideas have now become reality: New processes and products – such as the process for producing Tailored blanks made of aluminum.

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