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The Tailored Blanks specialist in Italy

Baosteel Tailored Blanks S.r.l. is part of the Baosteel Tailored Blanks Group. The subsidiary was founded in 2001 in the Italian metropolitan city of Turin, Piedmont. Today, we are represented at two locations: in San Gillio in northern Italy and in Tito Scalo in southern Italy. As a leading manufacturer of laser-welded component solutions, we deliver high-quality, innovative solutions to FIAT Chrysler Automobiles and other automobile manufacturers in southern Europe.

Facts & Figures at a glance

Name: Baosteel Tailored Blanks S.r.l.
Founding: 2001
Employees: 69
Products: Tailored Blanks, Hotform Blanks, Patchwork Blanks
Expertise: Component development, Raw material sourcing, Logistics planning, Forming simulations
Certificates: IATF16949, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI ISO 45001:2018
Codes: Code of conduct | EN, Environmental policy | EN
Model 231: Organizational, management and control model


Advanced Tailored Blanks for hot forming

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Baosteel Tailored Blanks S.r.l. gratefully acknowledge the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (project no. F/090044/00/X36) who co-funded the ATABHOT research and development program.

The innovation is related to a flexible laser welding process of different single components welded in one step with one welding line. The welding line is able to weld sheet metal parts of different material grades, thicknesses and coatings. The potential of this innovation is to reduce scrap, raw material, vehicle component weight, C02 emission, logistic costs, handling operations and number of designed components on a vehicle. The process avoids using process water and air emission on the atmosphere by using specific filter.

The end customer has the benefit to drive lighter and safer vehicles which consume less energy.