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Nachhaltiges Handeln bei WISCO

Sustainable action

Sustainability is more than just recycling! We align all our processes so that employees and the environment are protected at all times. This include safe production methods and energy-saving measures, as well as a systematic OSH and our company healthcare plan.


Occupational safety

Our goal: Zero accidents

We know that our employees are the basis for our success. That’s why it is important for us to protect them from health hazards. Our mission: To avoid accidents and operational health hazards completely.

For us, sustainability means creating an environment in which employees can work healthily and safely. A prerequisite for this is a well-organized OSH. All areas of the company are organized to ensure that accidents and job-related illnesses can be prevented.

This is how we ensure safe working practices

  • We manufacture in state-of-the-art production facilities that provide a high level of OSH.
  • Trained safety officers support our employees in making sure they comply with industrial safety guidelines.
  • Our employees benefit from personal protection equipment that far exceeds the standard.
  • Regularly scheduled events such as plant tours and safety training at all levels within the company make everyone aware of how to go about occupational safety.
  • The analysis of causes of accidents covers hazard risks in the workplace.

Company health promotion policy

Passion and commitment are our employees’ hallmarks. We are proud of our strong team and would like everyone to feel good at Baosteel Tailored Blanks. So the well-being of our employees has top priority. We work closely with our partners such as public health insurance funds.

We do the following to make sure our employees feel comfortable at work

  • Health advice from our occupational health service
  • Psychosocial support
  • Check-up offers
  • Addiction prevention, such as smoking cessation
  • Travel medical care
  • Nutrition advice
  • Massage
Broschüren zur Arbeitssicherheit

Regular action days

How do I lift in a way that won’t hurt my back? Which lunch snacks are both tasty and healthy? Our partners – including physiotherapists, health insurance, medical practitioners and gyms – answer any questions relating to health during our regular action days. But theory is not enough for us: Those who wish to can also participate in exercise programs, nutrition services and similar activities to cope with stress.

Environmental and energy management

It is important to protect water, soil and air. And so we take environmentally friendly production very seriously; it is firmly embedded in our corporate strategy.

Our contribution to environmental protection

  • Reduced energy consumption: Efficient use of resources is becoming very important. That's why we not only sensitize our employees towards energy-conscious behavior, but also check our technical facilities regularly. We were able to reduce our energy consumption significantly merely by replacing our old lasers with new, energy-efficient equipment. And, of course, we put our processes and standards repeatedly to the test and obtain certification on a regular basis – for example in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

  • More recycling by waste separation: We separate our waste consistently according to type and hazardousness. Recyclable materials such as films, oils, paper and wood can then be recycled.

  • Safe production methods: Even small amounts of oil can cause considerable damage to soil and water. To avoid possible contamination, we reviewed our entire production process and created technical facilities which prevent the entry of oils.