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Tailor Welded Coils

Tailored steel direct from the coil

Continuous welds of several hundred meters: Our Tailored Welded Coils are unique worldwide and a perfect example of innovative lightweight construction.

Continuous welds

We have carried over the tailored principle to coils: We butt-weld steel coils of different thickness, grade or coating together along the coil edges. The result is a Tailor Welded Coil which has all the advantages of a classic Tailored Product and can be used in many areas in the automotive industry.

Use in progressive dies

We have opened up completely new areas of application for tailored steel solutions with the development of Tailor Welded Coils. Laser-welded products were previously not suitable for further processing in progressive dies because these dies did not process individual sheets. This is now possible because a Tailor Welded Coil can be processed just like a normal coil. Moreover, it can be used in roll forming and blanking operations.

Benefits at a glance

Apart from the classic advantages of Tailored Products, Tailor Welded Coils enable
  • use in progressive dies.
  • lower material and assembly costs.
  • lower investment in stamping plant.

Areas of application

  • Body shop: Side members, Roof and Cross members
  • Exhaust technology: Exhaust shells
  • Chassis technology: Integral subframe
  • Seating technology: Side rails, backrests
Jörg Maas
Head of Sales | SCM
+49 203 60017-251

Delivery range

Tailor Welded Coils are available up to 2,200 mm in width. Our systems are capable of welding slit coils from 50 to 1000 mm in width and a thickness of 0.6 to 3.0 mm. Both, carbon steels and stainless steels can be used.

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