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Tailored Orbitals®

Laser-welded steel tubes

Why not use different materials in a tube, thus opening up new ways of construction? Tailored Orbitals® combine different diameters, wall thicknesses and materials – and reap the benefits of Tailored Products for rotationally symmetrical parts: less weight, lower costs and improved functionality.

Wide range of applications

The wide range of variation ensures possible applications across various business areas: Tailored Orbitals® are used in automotive components as well as in industrial parts. Tailored Orbitals® are particularly effective when it comes to saving weight and material or to the optimization of the production process.

Benefits at a glance

Our laser-welded tubes
  • save material and production steps.
  • reduce the overall weight.
  • improve functionality.
  • reduce costs.
  • allow more versatile shaping.

Areas of application

  • Exhaust technology: Tubes and reinforcements
  • Seating technology: Supporting tubes and struts
  • Chassis technology: Dampers and suspensions
  • Cross bars in the cockpit
Jörg Maas
Head of Sales | SCM
+49 203 60017-251

Delivery range

We can manufacture Tailored Orbitals® of up to 2.1 m in total length. The possible range of tube diameters is between 30 and 90 mm, wall thicknesses between 0.5 and 5 mm. Both carbon steels and stainless steels can be used.

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