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If you want to reduce the emissions in your car – we can help you! Thanks to our Tailored Products, car bodies are lighter, yet still meet all crash safety standards. Our core competence is economic lightweight construction; our drive is our customers. That’s why we’re making you the following performance promise: We’ll give you comprehensive, custom-tailored advice. This means we investigate where you can save weight, determine effective material alternatives and optimize the geometry of your part. The earlier we start developing your car body concept, the more we’ll be able to improve. But we still never lose sight of the big picture: The performance, cost and weight of your parts are closely interlinked. Call us. We’ll be happy to advise you.

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Lightweight construction

Save weight and reduce CO2 emissions

Complying with CO2 limits is becoming increasingly important in the global automotive industry. That’s why we support you with lighter parts that reduce overall car weight and fuel consumption – because a 100kg lighter car saves 0.5 to 2.3 metric tons of CO2 over its average life span.

Targeted combination of materials

A clever combination of materials is the key to lightweight construction: This determines how light or heavy the part is and its properties. When you use Tailored Products, the right material is in the right place – because we weld together a carefully selected mix of sheet thicknesses and materials. For example, we strengthen areas of higher stress with thicker or higher-strength material, while thinner sheets or sheets in smooth deep-drawing grades are used for the other part. This reduces your car weight while maintaining or even improving crash safety performance in the car body, and this is also true for our customized products made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Integrated parts reduce weight

Automotive manufacturers strengthen many different parts with additional sheets that are formed and then welded on. We’ll give your part simple resilience: by welding metal sheets of different strengths to each other, giving increased strength to precisely those places that are exposed to high stress. This means you don’t need to fit any reinforcements onto the finished part – saving you costs in assembly as well as reducing car weight.

Reducing costs

Material, processing, logistics: minimizing costs in three ways

The well-thought-out use of materials reduces your costs: you only need to use high-quality and expensive materials where absolutely necessary. You can also save costs with optimal material utilization and a smooth production flow. This is precisely where we take a closer look: Which kind of coil strip nesting reduces material usage? Does multiblanking allow more favorable coil widths? Can it be produced in four parts per stroke? Does a shift in the seam position enable easy and low-cost production?

Optimized cutting concept

Even small changes in nesting or geometry can make a big difference, like a cost reduction in material and the cutting tools required, for instance. Together, we’ll work out the optimum cutting concept and advise you on improved part design or the right choice of product type.

Individual logistics concepts

Our advice doesn’t stop at the factory door – because there are savings to be made in the logistics area. We are ready to meet your individual needs and customize both the pallets and loading of transport to your exact needs.

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Product innovations

Our innovations will make you successful

We are interested in whatever matters to you. Our research and development team are always thinking that one crucial step ahead, helping you to be ready to meet tomorrow's requirements for automotive lightweight construction.

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